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Available for orders $35+ with Afterpay. Learn more.

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This is not your average palette. That’d be boring. We (and most importantly, Jaclyn Hill) don’t do boring. This palette is a 2-year love affair. 35 OMG eyeshadows that Jaclyn whipped up, formulated, tested, re-tested, and perfected. They were created to deliver not only the best colour payoff but also amazing application. Mattes, shimmers, satins, foils, and glitter: all pressed to perfection...just the way Jaclyn wanted. Her dreamy colours are now your reality. So whether you’re pressed for time or have time to play, this palette is your bestie. Because a girl (and guy) needs to have options.

(Finish: matte and shimmer)



ROW 1:

  • Enlight / satin oat milk
  • Beam / satin freshwater pearl
  • Silk Crème / matte coconut sugar
  • M.F.E.O. / matte ripe papaya
  • Faint / shimmering pink lemonade
  • Sissy / shimmering rosy blush
  • Little Lady / shimmering peach sorbet


ROW 2:

  • Creamsicle / matte passionfruit
  • Butter / matte apricot jam
  • Pooter / matte cinnamon stick
  • Pukey / matte masala chai
  • Hunts / matte paprika
  • Firework / shimmering burnished copper
  • Queen / shimmering butterscotch


ROW 3:

  • Obsessed / shimmering pink champagne
  • S.B.N. / shimmering copper rose
  • Hillster / satin walnut
  • Roxanne / matte roasted nutmeg
  • Jacz / matte zinfandel
  • Buns / matte honey roasted peanut
  • Cranapple / shimmering blood orange mimosa


ROW 4:

  • Royalty / shimmering grape
  • Twerk / shimmering electric indigo
  • Hustle / shimmering taupey beige
  • Meeks / shimmering bronze
  • 24/7 / shimmering pecan pie
  • Chip / matte chocolate chip
  • Mocha / matte baking chocolate


ROW 5:

  • Pool Party / shimmering turquoise
  • Jada / matte teal
  • Diva / shimmering emerald
  • Enchanted / matte forest green
  • Central Park / matte cocoa bean
  • Soda Pop / matte espresso
  • Abyss / matte obsidian


Same 35 dream colours on the inside, a shiny new makeover on the outside.


Dimensions of Palette: Length - 9" / Width - 6 1/2" / Thickness - 1/2" / Number of Pans: 35 / Pan Size: 1" (Net Wt. 56.2g / 1.98oz)


Enlight: An out-of-this-world, universal shade for brow bone and inner shadow magic.

Beam: Amp things up with this frosted version of Enlight, it’s great for deeper skin tones.

Silk Crème: Your transitional, creamy-matte crease color with yellow undertones.

M.F.E.O: Peach, matte and cool: made for each other (hence the name)

Faint: Love this princess shade. No matter how fair skin you are, this fiercely frosty shade goes great all over the lid.

Sissy: For the rose-gold queens out there, this super-girly shade was named after my sister.

Little Lady: Confession: I call my sister ‘little lady’ and this is her second fave color. Perfect to rock at the office since it’s not too gold or out there. It’s the perfect shimmery wash of neutral.

Creamsicle: OB-SESSED with this flattering yet daring color. Pop it into the crease to make the color of your eye’s pop.

Butter: Super creamy with a warm, terracotta undertone makes this an amazing shade for your crease color.

Pooter: For those of you not comfortable with super warm colors, this neutral chestnut shade, named after an inside family joke, is for you.

Pukey: Yes, I named a color Pukey. My favorite matte color in the whole palette. SO creamy. SO pigmented. The ultimate warm brown.

Hunts: Linda made this daring, boldly blendable shade happen. I love it because…it’s perfect. The creamiest shade in the palette. My fave shade of all-time.

Firework: Dare I say this is the most shimmering shade? It’s great for all over the lid and for creating a warm, smoky eye. Partner it up with any of the matte orange shades.

Queen: The perfect gold. I have nothing else to say.

Obsessed: I was looking to create a shade for the perfect smoky eye. This took forever to get right, but it’s perfect and I’m totally, you guessed it, Obsessed.

S.B.N.: One of my most-used, all-over-lid colors is this deep, pinky-bronze shade. It creates the perfect, smoky but natural look. S.B.N…N.B.D.

Hillster: God, I love this color all over the lid or on lower lash line. I wanted a good range in this palette, and this is the deepest warm shimmer we have to offer.

Roxanne: I named this after myself (my middle name is Roxanne). That may be narcissistic, but I don’t care. My subscribers know this is my favorite color in the world. I honestly use it every day on lower lash line or outer crease.